Print vs Digital Ads: 4 Reasons Why a Successful Campaign Needs Both

People like to say, “out with the old and in with the new.” But why not have the best of both worlds? Since digital media has practically taken over the way we read, shop and learn about the world, printed products often get a bad reputation for being outdated. However, print media offers some cool advantages that digital media simply doesn’t. And we believe it’s worth exploring both in marketing.

The Benefits of Print and Digital Media

It’s a no brainer how much digital media has transformed the marketing industry. We can now easily track best performers posts, collect data, make small changes on the fly and many other things that allows brands to understand consumers better than ever before. Most importantly, social media has brought marketers the ability to micro segment their audience and market products/services. No one can deny the perks of digital media in the marketing world.

But don’t let the hype of digital media overshadow the power of print. Its advantages are all in science.

According to several studies in the field of neuroscience, holding and reading a physical copy of an ad or marketing item is linked to better retention and reading comprehension.

Additionally, print material also encourages greater emotional engagement than digital media.

This is a huge win for marketers. Print media can better impact consumers and encourage them to take action, whether that’s buying a new product or relying on services. This is also known as haptic marketing a newly emerging field in the industry.

4 Reasons You Need a Digital-Print Marketing Mix

Both print and digital media provide their unique advantages. Rather than settling on one method, what’s the harm with using both print and digital media? We compiled a list of the top four reasons you should consider using both methods in your marketing.


Meet different goals

Digital and print media combined becomes a powerhouse plan. Using digital media channels can help you reach a greater audience and market in the online space. Adding a communication on print media as a follow up can serve as an effective outlet to help consumers better recall your brand, take action and most important, connect in an emotional level.


Stand out in the crowd

Some people stick to digital media because it’s convenient and easy to use – and we get that. However, combining a mix of marketing formats can help you stand out among your competitors. Finding the right partner that can provide you a scalable and unique printed channel with no extra work is the key.


Consumer Influence

Since digital and print media have different benefits, you’re more likely to better influence people when you mix the two options. Even big companies like Spotify successfully uses billboard ads to promote the most popular songs and the playlist of the year.


Effective Marketing

We sometimes get in the same habits of doing the same old tricks with our marketing – we’re all guilty of that. Offering both digital and print media adds some flare and variation to your marketing plan that everyone will appreciate. Printed ads can give you the opportunity to engage consumers in an unexpected and creative way, outside the digital world. EDF Luminus, one of our clients, for example, leveraged the power of cartoons in their photo rewards prints, leading up to 129% increase in social engagement.

Overall, using both print and digital media can garner huge benefits. Offering the best of both worlds will surely grab your audience’s attention – if you’re interested in creative ways to implement print media, our team at Stampix will be more than happy to help you out.

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