Real stories and insights
from the world's finest
retention and loyalty marketers

Light, short and insightful

In these 20 minutes live chats, Simon and our guests talk about the current challenges in the loyalty & retention landscape. No sales pitch, no fluffy marketing inspiration but real stories and insights from the greatest minds in loyalty marketing.

Choose your expert, sit back and press play!

Graham Hill

Data-Driven Programme Director at Optima Partners

Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp

Business Development Director Europe at Velti

Nicola Fox

Freelance CRM & Loyalty Manager at Fine Tooth Comb

Boris Helleman

Former Marketing Manager at T-Mobile

Kim Hardaker

Head of Loyalty & Partnerships at Etihad Airways

Rob Chandler

Former Head of Customer Loyalty at Sky

Iain Pringle

Managing Partner at New World Loyalty

Mark Evans

Managing Director, Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group

Mark Reddin

Head of Membership Sales (SSE) at OVO Energy

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