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Privacy Talks: How Does Stampix Protect Brands?

In a world where digital devices have become the primary storage of our memories, Stampix aims to bring back the joy of printed photographs. We offer customers free, branded, and printed photos, helping brands promote themselves and fostering emotional loyalty with their customers.

However, with the use of personal data and working with brands, comes great responsibility to ensure the security and privacy of all parties involved. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Stampix safeguards brands from explicit content and protects customers’ privacy.

Safeguarding the brand for explicit content

For brands’ security, Stampix automatically detects the presence of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content in photos using a combination of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. 

Our algorithms remove the brands’ name and marketing when a photo is classified as containing nudity, sexual activity, hate symbols, gambling, violence, and other inappropriate themes.

Why are Stampix’s methods unique?

Determining what constitutes as NSFW is subjective. A photo of a bikini will most likely not be safe for work in the explicit sense of the word. However, in our use case, these photos are perfectly fine and are often of customers printing their beach photos. 

Based on our experience, commercial AI models tend to be very strict in classifying NSFW. For instance, photos with swimwear are usually interpreted as NSFW. This is problematic since brands would not want their marketing to be erased from safe photos. 

At Stampix, we solved this by combining multiple AI algorithms fine-tuned to most genres that could be interpreted as NSFW but are in fact safe. Our pipeline has over 95% accuracy for various classes, e.g., swimwear, intimacy… etc. This ensures that brands get protected from NSFW photo branding while still reaching the biggest audience possible.

Finally, all printed photos of brands’ customers get deleted after six months, as part of GDPR compliance.

Final Thoughts

At Stampix, we care about protecting brands from branding explicit content, while ensuring all customers’ privacy. We use the finest technologies in our processes to guarantee you a fun, smooth experience. Stay tuned for our future blogs, to learn how we help brands target the right customers using a self-developed AI-based search engine, and much more tech-focused talks!


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