How Unilever's baby brand achieved
85% opt-in rate during lockdown



1st party data &
Emotional connection

Brands have increasingly felt the need to collect first-party data the past few years, especially since Google announced the end of third party cookies from its browsers by 2022. The latest trends in the FMCG industry show that people prefer to buy from brands they trust, with their data, share common values with, and feel connected with on an emotional level.

In order to engage consumers and collect genuine opt-ins, Unilever’s primary Baby Care brand, Zwitsal, launched an emotionally touching campaign during the lockdown in 2020. Targeted to parents, and acknowledging the “We understand how it feels”.

The goal

Unilever wanted to create an emotional bond with parents
and collect genuine opt-ins for their comms



Surprise for Grandparents

To create a unique family connection during the lockdown, Unilever partnered up with Stampix to enable parents to send printed pictures of the kids as a surprise to family members that were separated & isolated.


Parents were activated through a social media campaign, inviting them to print beautiful moments and send them out as gifts to their loved ones.

Branded Platform

By clicking on the post, customers were redirected to the Zwitsal branded microsite (hosted by Stampix) to upload their photos, enter shipment details and opt-in for future comms.

Emotional Connection

A few days later, photos were delivered to the mailbox with a personalised message from Zwitsal on the reverse and a reference of who sent the pictures as a gift.

The results

0 %
Opt-in rate
0 %
Sent as surprise



By offering Stampix photo rewards, Zwitsal was able to connect with their target audience on an emotional level, create long term brand affinity and increase their database with over 4.200 opt-ins in a single week.

High opt-in rate

By engaging parents on an emotional journey, their sentiment towards the brand is improved, and they are more likely to opt-in.

No data transfer

Stampix acts as a data processor, and does not become the owner of the data.

Easily customized features

The platform and messages on the reverse of the pictures can be easily customised to fit different moments during the year.


Rewarding 100 or 1mio customers has no impact on our operations & service level.


Photo Tagging Analysis

Share Module

Thank You Module

Target audience verification
via photo tags

Stampix’ computer vision software allows for accurate photo tagging of photos uploaded by users. It can be used to verify the target reached within a campaign or to gather insights on customer’s lifestyles.

By running the photo tagging analysis on the Zwitsal campaign it was possible to verify the accuracy of the audience targeted. The most prominent tags found on the uploaded pictures show that the people indeed printed photos of their kids & family, as expected by the brand.

Top tags scanned:

Child 76%
Fun 68%
Family 65%
Cute 58%
Baby 48%

How to read it: % shown represents the % of photos from the analysis that contained the mentioned tag

Happiness feedback
& share module

With the Thank You module displayed in the last step of the customer journey, Zwitsal customers were able to leave their feedback and emojis about the experience, proving the success of the campaign.

By enabling the Share Module, Zwitsal allowed their customers to share the microsite with other parents via Whatsapp and Messenger, reaching more people organicly, without additional paid media spending.

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