How Orange increased NPS by +30 points
with Stampix photo rewards



Reduce churn and increase NPS

Orange is a global Telco company that operates in a highly competitive market. Back in 2016, a GFK-Study revealed alarming results with NPS scores far below zero and rising issues in terms of customer churn. At that moment, Orange decided to launch a  loyalty program that went beyond the traditional Telco reward system: Orange Thank You. To engage with the customers, the program focused on scalable ways to offer personalised gifts from within their app.

The goal

Orange wanted to surprise and delight its customers, delivering emotional and personalised
experiences at scale while increasing engagement in their loyalty program.



Focus on birthday gifts

Considered one of the key moments by Orange, the focus of the partnership with Stampix was the celebration of the customer’s Birthday. What better gift than your personal pictures printed for free and delivered to your doorstep?


How does it work?

The Orange app sends a push notification on customers' birthdays offering a gift that can be chosen in the app.

Customers can choose between multiple personalised offers, with Stampix photoprints being one of them.

By claiming the offer, customers are sent to a branded platform built by Stampix where clients upload their photos and enter shipment details. Optionally, they can send the photos to friends or a family member.

A few days later, the photos are delivered to the mailbox with a personalised message from Orange. By printing their brand assets on the back of the photos an emotional connection & long term brand building is achieved.

The results

0 %
Engagement rate
+ 0
NPS points increased
0 %
Improved retention



For over 3 years Stampix has been a fixed partner in Orange Thank You program, which is dedicated to surprise and delight customers with over 2.3 million gifts per year. What sets Stampix apart is the unique personal experience, which allows Orange to be part of its customers best moments.

High perceived value vs. cost

Thanks to economies of scale, Stampix can print & ship quality prints to your customers at a very low cost.

No data transfer

Stampix acts as a data processor, and does not become owner of any of your data.

Easy setup & customization

The platform branding and messages on the pictures can be easily changed or customised according to your needs.


Want to reward 100 or 1mio customers? This has no impact on our operations & delivery times.

By partnering with Stampix, Orange won the Award for “Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative” at The Loyalty Magazine Awards, June 2020. Insights from over 4,000 consumers showed that the average lifespan of these branded photos exceeds 2 years, and that the perceived value of photo rewards is 5x the actual cost.